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Kitchen Renovation Services in Dubai

The quickest and easiest way to enjoy a brand new kitchen

At the point when the entryways of your kitchen cupboards tumble off their pivots, when not a solitary machine appears to fill in as expected when your sinks are continually stopped up, and when the sprightly shades of your kitchen Refurbishment dividers have since a long time ago blurred… you know it’s the ideal opportunity to get Kitchen renovation services Dubai from RenovationDXB. Alright, we sort of went excessively far there, sorry. In any case, in any case in case you’re searching for a straightforward worktop or kitchen renovation or need a thorough kitchen reclamation, Handyman will consistently be close by to deal with everything. Also, here is a portion of the points of interest that accompany our administrations:

  • The electrical wiring in your kitchen will be taken care of;
  • Any fitting and establishment occupations will be completed by clean and educated jacks of all trades;
  • An accomplished handyman will guarantee that all pipes works are done to an exceptionally exclusive requirement;
  • Your kitchen will profit by exclusively fabricated MDF or strong wood kitchen cupboards, entryways, floor materials, and even segment dividers.

Get to know our service better by checking the short FAQ list

Q: What preparations do I need to make for my kitchen renovation?

A: Start by removing all your personal belongings from the cookery. If you’re experiencing difficulties moving certain furniture, you can freely leave it as it is – the handymen will cover the entire kitchen in protective sheets as a safeguard against dust and spills.

Q: What the pros can help you in Kitchen Renovation Services Dubai

A: No job is to big or too small:

  • Installing new sinks and faucets;
  • Fitting various kitchen appliances at optimal spots;
  • Mounting new backsplashes and light fixtures;
  • Designing and installing countertops;
  • Refurbishing kitchen cabinets;
  • Replacing kitchen doors and fitting door hardware;
  • Priming walls and applying a final coat of paint;
  • Performing various plumbing & demolition tasks;
  • Doing sub floor preparation and flooring installation;
  • Selecting, ordering, and delivering all required materials to your doorstep;
  • Refreshing the look of any old kitchen furniture.

Q: Can my handyman help me choose the right materials?

A: Certainly! Just ask your professional and he will supply you with ample information regarding the quality and durability of each and every material you have chosen. This will help you make the optimal choice for your Kitchen Renovation Services Dubai and get the best value for your money.

Q: How much will my kitchen refurbishment cost?

A: All renovation costs for your bespoke kitchen will be listed in a detailed estimate. In order to better satisfy your needs, we will first send a skilled professional to make a viewing and prepare a price quote based on your individual project. This assessment will include the approximate price for all materials and installation tasks, as well as a complete rundown of the handyman services labour costs.

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